Health & Wellness: Lunch Box Ideas

Hey there, Kay here! We’re all busy which makes staying healthy on-the-go quite the challenge! And while you totes can spend a pretty penny on prepackaged breakfasts/lunches at various stores, it’s not always the healthiest or wallet friendly! Investing in your health/wellness is SO important. But a healthier lifestyle tends to have a costly stigma … Continue reading Health & Wellness: Lunch Box Ideas

26 Fun Kay Facts for 26 Years!

Hey there, Kay here! This post is a tad late...I turned 26 almost two weeks ago (gasp!) and from my recent instagram story, I received lots of positive feedback for this post! Between visiting my hometown, hanging out with friends & family, lounging at the lake, and all of the birthday surprises (awesome birthday balloons) … Continue reading 26 Fun Kay Facts for 26 Years!

Health & Wellness: World IBD Day

Hey there, Kay here! I held off on this post till today for numerous reasons, but here it is a day late. (oh well) Yesterday, May 19th was #WorldIBDDay! Nearly 5 million people suffer from #CrohnsDisease or #UlcerativeColitis worldwide. There is no cure, or known cause, and little public understanding of the pain and chronic suffering … Continue reading Health & Wellness: World IBD Day